Green Colour: In Chinese Culture Green  is the color of wealth, fertility, regeneration, hope, harmony and growth. Green also represents pure and clean.
Fusion of two Sounds of Chinese Words : Guānxi + Xiè Xiè = GuānXièXiè = onexiexie
Guanxi (simplified Chinese关系traditional Chinese關係pinyinguānxi) defines the fundamental dynamic in personalized social networks of power, and is a crucial system of beliefs in Chinese culture. Guanxi plays a fundamental role within the Confucian doctrine, which sees the individual as part of a community and a set of family, hierarchical and friendly relationships. In particular, there is a focus on tacit mutual commitments, reciprocity, and trust, which are the grounds of guanxi and guanxi networks. ( )
Image: Two number one are shaking its hands means «agreement done».